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A trip to Bridgelake is more than a trip to the dentist. It’s an experience. We aim to change your mind about visiting the dentist—and to make us your favorite doctor to see! We value forming patient relationships and producing quality work that you can trust. We wanted to create an environment that is state of the art, while holding on to the unique feel of the community. Come see our coastal, modern space for yourself! 

Same-Day Dentistry

Chipped tooth? Pain? Broken Crown? We perform same-day services when you’re in a bind! 

Modern Technology

Technology is always changing; so are we. 

Work With All Ages

We’ll work with your grandparents, your kids, and your best friend. All ages are welcome here! 

our story

While both Dr. Berthelot and Dr Tinney grew up in the same town, they did not meet until they were classmates at LSU School of Dentistry. Realizing how much they had in common, they quickly became close friends. They also realized they both shared a passion for dentistry and took pride in their work. After many study sessions, practice days in the school clinic, (and hunting and fishing trips!), they began to see they made a great team. However, they didn’t know how or when they would be able to incorporate this to dentistry once they graduated.

Following graduation, they both went off to work as associates with great dentists, learning all along the way. But they both knew they wanted something more. That was when they decided to join forces and start their own dental practice where they could continue to build on the team they started years ago. Now, they are excited to provide their patients with the best possible care they can give, in their own unique way. Collaborating to give patients a dental experience they can look forward to having time and time again, Dr. Berthelot and Dr. Tinney are looking forward to giving you their very best at Bridgelake.

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