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Sometimes, an emergency pops up. Oral injuries—including chipped, cracked, or broken teeth—and toothaches can be extremely painful and can often result in worse injury if treatment is delayed. If you need emergency dental care, Bridgelake can provide you with the care you need right away. Give us a call, tell us what’s going on, and we’ll find time to squeeze you in on that day.

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If a permanent tooth gets knocked out (avulsed), the best thing to do is run it under cool water for a brief period (10 seconds) and then try to put it back in its place! 

Emergency dental

Frequently Asked Questions

The oral environment is the BEST place for a tooth once its been avulsed. If for some reason a permanent tooth can’t be replanted into its original position, it can be stored in a glass of milk! 

NEVER aggressively rinse or dry off a permanent tooth once it is avulsed, as you can permanently damage the ligaments and blood supply of the tooth.

It is extremely important that when dental trauma occurs, big or small, you see a dentist right away! If a tooth is avulsed (knocked out), it is crucial that it is replanted within the first 30 minutes or less.

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