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Who should come see us? EVERYONE! We don't turn anyone down. Whether you're looking for your child's first dentist, seeking a new dentist for your family, or even if you're dealing with white coat syndrome, you can count on the team at Bridgelake to provide all the support, encouragement, and professionalism you need. We pride ourselves on our family-friendly environment, our diverse group of patients, and our excitement to work with anyone and everyone.

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23% of children under the age of 11 have never been to the dentist. The dentist office can be an intimidating place for kiddos, but it can also be a welcoming place. At Bridgelake, we strive to make our office a warm, friendly environment for all ages. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

 It’s best to plan your kiddo’s first dentist visit around the first tooth. When your child gets their first tooth, it’s a good time to see the dentist. Or, if you have a late bloomer, take your kid to the dentist by their first birthday.

Bridgelake believes in communicating with pediatric dentists as well as ALL dental specialists to ensure that our patients will receive the very best treatment while they are under our care.A pediatric dentist sees children exclusively, whereas a family practice will continue to see the child throughout adulthood. Once treatment from the pediatric dentist is complete, they can return to their family dental office.

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